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Dan Rawsthorne

Senior Coach

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Scrum: the Big Picture

We usually think of agility for software development - agility allows a small team to produce valuable software. However, this is not the only place for agility. In this talk Dan discusses the "layering" of agility in a software-focused organization. This layering starts at the bottom, with Agile Software Development (the writing of quality code), and ends at the top, with Agile Portfolio Management (the management of Projects, Programs, and Products for the good of the Organization). In this (non-technical, yet entertaining) talk Dan develops a big picture showing how all the pieces fit together in a logical model.

From Usability Studies to Stories

The biggest problem in an agile Project is determining the Product Backlog – what will be built? We know we don’t want “Big Analysis Up Front” because we know that over-specifying will get us into trouble; but we also need to know what we’re building so that we can discuss it with our Stakeholders and can estimate how much time and effort it will take. How do we reconcile these two (seemingly) inconsistent needs? In this talk Dan describes a strategy that begins with usability studies and ends with actionable Stories. The strategy involves Story Mapping (from Jeff Patton), Atomic Use Cases, and StoryoTypes (from Gerard Meszaros). This blended approach is both straightforward and effective – come see how it’s done!

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